Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner as Efficient as Possible

The efficiency of an air conditioner is the utmost concern of people, especially when you are living in Dubai. The use of air conditioners is a lot in Dubai due to high temperatures in summer. You cannot rely on natural temperatures in Dubai during the summer season as it can lead to dehydration, nor can you constantly spend on new appliances every year.  You can follow some easy tips to ensure your air conditioner remains as efficient as the time it had been first installed in your home.

Keep your air conditioner clean. It is never advisable to use an air conditioner with a dirty filler or dirty blades. This limits the air movement required by an air conditioner. After every week you should make sure you clean the filter and blades properly.

You must keep all the windows and doors closed completely to prevent cool air from escaping the room and hot air from entering the room. If you do not follow this particular tip, your air conditioner will have the additional load of continuously cooling down warm air in the room. This can reduce the efficiency of the appliance greatly.

You can also use timers at night. Once you go to sleep in a cool room you will not wake up unless the temperature is warm again, which will happen after about an hour or two of switching an air conditioner off. So, you can set timers to reduce the time an air conditioner functions and still enjoy a cool temperature while sleeping!

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