Safety precautions while handling electric appliances

As much as electric appliances make our lives easier and comfortable in Dubai, they need to be handled with extreme care and supervision especially when around children or even an adult who has no prior experience in working with such home appliances. It is absolutely essential because no human is prone to electric shock! They are extremely dangerous and may result in a loss of life due to which care must be taken while working with any appliances such as an air conditioner or a blender at home as we do not want to lose our life for ease of carrying out a certain task.

We must avoid any sort of contact with water when working with appliances as it increases the probability of shocks. Whether you are working or repairing an appliance make sure to avoid water! One must always make sure that the plastic insulation is present at all times on wires when plugging in a wire in a socket and always turn off the main switch first before connecting the plug to the socket.

We must also use rubber gloves or wear rubber sandals while working with electric appliances as rubber is an insulator and reduces the chances of shocks. You should also get all your house circuits checked every month to ensure that an electrical hazard is not about to happen, if so, then you can get them repaired ASAP! This will also protect your appliances from damage and you of course.


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