Recycling Home Appliances in Dubai

Yes, it may sound weird but home appliances can also be recycled. Not by local residents of course, but by many appliance companies. Home appliances are made up by using a lot of metals such as aluminum or copper for conduction of electricity so that they work properly. These metals are being used every day for producing a variety of home appliances. To ensure that our planet does not run out of these resources, companies in Dubai have given a thought to recycling of appliances which use up most of these metals such as kitchen appliances, televisions and air conditioners.

When an appliance such as an air conditioner stops working, its metal body is not completely damaged and may have some particular parts which still function well and can be reused in other production units! If not, then the metallic parts can be dismantled and used for making a completely new appliance. Hazardous parts are removed and the useful components are kept for later use in this process of recycling. Sorting out parts is absolutely essential as each appliance has its own unique components used for different functions.

People living in Dubai will now soon be able to hand over their old appliance which does not work properly in exchange for a new and well-functioned appliance instead of purchasing a new one. How good is that for a customer care service! Some cost may be charged but it will be less than half of the actual purchase cost of the initial product.

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