Perfect Guide to Fix Your Air Conditioner at Home

Heatwave is here and are you trying hard to get your air conditioner fixed. Here comes the trouble, due to high demand in this summer season service providers are not available? Need not to worry, in Dubai nothing is impossible.

Get your Air Conditioner fixed in the best possible way, follow these steps and get it done in short span of time, with proper self-supervision too:

  1. If your air conditioner is not making the environment more relaxing than it is. Firstly, check the outer unit if it is working fine wash it with open water if any dust particles are there which has affected it negatively.
  2. If you experience, air conditioners compressor has stopped working kindly check all the wiring at times the connection gets loose which causes it to not function as per its design.
  3. If your inner unit is having water leakage, drain/suck out excess water from the outer unit’s pipe and it will be fixed and in working conditions.
  4. If it feels a pressure while having cooling, immediately check the wind covers. The majority is they are dusty it happens clean them with a dry brush and then wash properly before re-fixing and placing them in the unit.

No expertise, no expert’s assistance and here it is fixed. Commonly these issues take place and now get it fixed all by yourself! Simple Dimple and have a comfortable Summer Season in Dubai.


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