Life without electronic appliances

A single day without electronic appliances in Dubai would be a disaster, let alone an entire lifetime! Our lives would be absolutely miserable. The first task of the day which is waking up in the morning would be tough without a digital alarm clock. Without an air conditioner in a place such as Dubai with high temperatures, we would not be able to focus on our work due to the heat and sweat which will enter our lives! And in winters when you are unable to turn on the heater to escape the cold temperature, would probably fall sick every other day, won’t you? This shows how impactful these appliances are in our daily life.

Without a mobile phone, we will not even be able to communicate with our family, friends, and employees. Communication would become as difficult as sending letters centuries back which took days to reach the concerned person, especially in Dubai as life is moving very fast here. Imagine making a smoothie without a blender… surely enough to give anyone a nightmare. Without a television to watch our favorite shows and news we would be completely isolated from the world. Washing clothes would take hours without a washing machine to aid the process.

This era is basically time era of appliances as we are entirely dependent on them for everything. From a child to a teenager to an adult to an old person! Everyone uses electronic appliances in their homes, cars, offices and even malls!

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