How to install a window air conditioner by yourself in Dubai

As much as it seems difficult to install a window air conditioner on your own, it is not a very hard thing to do, especially in a place like Dubai where you cannot live a single day without an air conditioner and the services are costly. Not only will this make it simple to you to install an air conditioner, it will also save your hard-earned money and will provide you with an opportunity to learn something new and you can teach others to install it as well.

First of all, you need to determine the size of the window you choose to install the air conditioner in as they do not fit in all windows. Also, make sure you check the load on the circuit to ensure your own safety before and after you work with the window air conditioner.

With the help of another person fix the air conditioner in the window and keep it balanced on the windowsill.  Add two screws on the upper part of the air conditioner to prevent the sash from being raised accidentally. Make sure you attach all pipes carefully to the back unit of the air conditioner to prevent any water from spilling on the ground. If there is a gap between the upper frame of the window and the air conditioner, fill it with a foam seal. Once you have carefully completed all these steps then turn on the switch and enjoy the comfort of your new window air conditioner.


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