Few Steps and Fix Your Air Conditioner All by Yourself

When June July is at its peak, the hot weather, with sweat and humidity is at its top level too in Dubai. If you have visited Dubai in this time frame, you might have observed how bad the weather is. To be safe we take a lot of precautionary measures but nothing works well like an air conditioner. Installation is not it actually, like every other thing it requires serious attention.

Servicing and repairing Air Conditioner sounds like some high maintenance. But if you are smart and efficient it can be done without spending a lot. Following are the few steps by following them you can save a great amount of money plus you can learn to fix your air conditioners all by yourself to maintain the comfort level in the weather of Dubai.

  1. If you feel that the cooling intensity is very low, immediately check the gas pressure in your air conditioners.
  2. Once all the gas levels are balanced in your air conditioners still some impurity kind of sensation is being felt clean filters which are available in the upper compartment of your split air conditioners inner unit.
  3. To avoid any damage which can be caused by voltage issues connect an auto fuse breaker with air conditioners plug.
  4. If any further inner/outer unit part is damaged, immediately contact repairing and servicing representatives. Technical work is for technical people.


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