Difference between a split system and a window air conditioner

As we know, there are many different types of air conditioners now. Although the main aim of the air conditioners or sole purpose remains the same, that is, to cool down the temperatures of a particular room. There are many important visible changes in each type of air conditioner which cannot be ignored by us. Knowing the difference between each type of air conditioner will allow us to choose the most suitable option for the appliance for our homes, depending on our everyday requirements and our daily use of an air conditioner.

This article highlights differences between two air conditioners, first are window air conditioners and second ones are split air conditioners. Splits are smaller in size and usually have two fans which move up and down depending on settings in order to provide direct air to different parts of the room. They are always installed near the roof of the room in order to keep the convection of air going and keeping the room cool. The lid of a split can be lifted to in order to reveal the system and clean it to remove dust easily.

A window air conditioner is usually of the size of a standard window and would always fit into it, just like its name! it is relatively larger than a split air conditioner and is installed in a much lower position in the room. They tend to have a lot of wings visible.

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