Best Way to Use an Air Conditioner

With the summer season just around the corner, air conditioners will be used by us all almost every day all the time. However, with the constant use, the efficiency of the air conditioner will also reduce to a great extent. Unless we do not know how to use an air conditioner in the best possible way, we are unable to prevent this issue from occurring.

We spend so much money on air conditioners and then they don’t work properly after a year or so is absolutely devastating, especially in this scorching heat of Dubai in summer! Not only is it unbearable, it makes one want to die…

After using an air conditioner for about two to three hours constantly at night, make sure you turn on a fan. This will reduce the load on the air conditioner and fans will also provide us with a comfortable feel of air across our faces every now and then!

Always turn on your exhaust in order to expel the hot air and heat from your house, more importantly, kitchens as cooking in a very hot room are impossible. You can also use a floor fan in the absence of an exhaust. Expelling hot air from your house will make it easier for an air conditioner to cool down the temperature.

Make sure you keep your curtains closed when using an air conditioner as natural light can raise the temperature and increase the work of an air conditioner. This may reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the appliance.

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