Air Conditioners and Its parts, Get Familiar Before Installing

There are many companies in Jumeirah, Satwa, in short, all over Dubai who are offering Air Conditioner Installation Service in short time duration. One of the most known service providers In Dubai is the Repairall. They have amazing tools and experienced professionals who make it possible for you to get cooling environment very quickly.

Like every other thing, Air Conditioner Installation can be done by the homeowners themselves while living in a place like Dubai.

Shocked? But honestly, it is very simple. But before installation familiarizing with the tools and units are much needed. Following are the steps which can lead you to success.

  1. Bridge the Gap

Firstly, drill a hole inside and outside of the wall, this will give a way to pass the refrigeration lines to be sent out to the vent pipes of the Air Conditioners.


  1. Outside Condenser – This large container resembles what one might be familiarized to by seeing outside of a home in Dubai attached to a central air conditioning unit. Since the cooling capacity is pretty much smaller than the single air condenser, its size is not same as the central air unit. The outer unit is placed in outdoor so that the noise doesn't bother people inside the house and so that there's more ventilation for the hard-working coils. The best place to keep this condenser is on a slab made above the window in every house.


  1. Inside Vent - This part of an Air Conditioner is also known as the brain of this appliance.  This is the part which provides us the cooling air and not just this the temperature can also be controlled via remote controller from the inside.


4.    The Connectors – these are the most important source to keep in mind, as via this the excessive water generated by the cooling needs a space through which, the water goes out without leaking in.  These connectors connect the two devices with copper wire delivering refrigerant, wires carrying electricity particularly.

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